The Guide to Beating Overwhelm by Kami Timmons

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The Guide to Beating Overwhelm is a comprehensive planning framework. Designed with the ADHD brain in mind! This framework will increase your productivity in as little as a day! 

How can it help you?

The Guide to Beating Overwhelm is an easy to follow 10 step framework. Inside you will learn the following skills...
  • How to make a Master List
  • How to prioritize that list
  • How to turn your list into actionable items
  • Putting those items into a planner
  • Ultimately breaking the cycle of overwhelm!
Bonus: Self-care and motivation tips to keep you living your best life!

The Guide to Beating Overwhelm

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Wondering who I am?.....


Hi, I’m Kami, founder of The ADHD Mommy

I'm a work from home mommy to 4 amazing kiddos. For years I felt like a failure at everything in life. Not to mention the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. Worst, it seemed no matter how hard I tried… Nothing ever seemed to work out for me. When I found out I had ADHD things started to change. I was able to put a name to my struggle and turn it around to work for me. Now, I rock my ADHD with style and I’m dedicated to helping you do the same.

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This printable workbook will have you planning in style! It comes with reusable planner pages, to-do lists, time logs, and much more.

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What's Included?


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